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Inspection, Installation and Testing
As well as equipment hire and staffing, Pete offers a number of inspection and installation services to outdoor providers. All services offered are backed up by insurance, certification and years of experience.

Electronic Load Cell
We have a Rock Exotica Enforcer load cell that can be used in-line in rigging and test systems to give accurate load figures in use. The cell can measure up to 20kN safely as part of a normal safety chain and record the data during use as well as giving a live reading. Perfect for static loads or dynamic events. Please contact me if you’d like to make use of this device.

Anchor Testing
We have a Hilti HAT-28 anchor tester. This device can pull ring and stud anchors up to 20kN and has an analogue gauge for force readings. This device will enable me to periodically check the strength of all anchors installed for Peak Instruction activities. I also offer an anchor proof testing service to other companies and individuals.

Anchor Installation
I have experience and certification in placing anchors in various natural and manmade materials, from expansion anchors to resin anchors. I estimate I’ve installed over 200 anchors professionally in the last 24 months. We’ve a full installation kit comprising a Bosch drill, Fischer resin cartridge kit and hole preparation tools. All the anchors I place can be tested after installation to guarantee working strengths.

PPE and Wire Rope Inspections
Technical advice services also extend to inspections undertaken at your site. I am a certified PPE inspector on a RoSPA approved course. I am a certified Wire Rope Inspector. This is recognised as valid for UK ropes courses, zips and VF by ERCA. My inspections would be appropriate for an Operational Inspection 1-3 month cycle as described under the EN regulations for ropes courses.

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