Covid-19 & your safety

Updated 5th January 2021. Please note that this page only refers to the situation for us operating in England at this time.

England is being placed into lockdown again from the 4th January 2021. Until we leave, we’ll not be running any activities.

When we do return to something like the previous Tier 3 restrictions we’ll resume activities, but under the following conditions.
From the Government website relating to T3 areas:
…organised outdoor sport, and physical activity and exercise classes can continue, however higher-risk contact activity should not take place…
…avoid travelling to other parts of the UK, including for overnight stays other than where necessary…

On the basis of those statements, I’ll only be accepting bookings from those within the Derbyshire county area and not from anyone who needs to travel in from elsewhere. This does not affect bookings made for 2021 (yet!), or gift vouchers, it is just for the next month or so I imagine.
I would also say that caving is a high potential contact activity (not all will agree) and so I have decided not to run those activities while we are in T3 unless for education or to assess instructors 1:1 for the award schemes.

…you must not meet socially indoors or in most outdoor places with anybody you do not live with, or who is not in your support bubble, this includes in any private garden or at most outdoor venues…

There can only be group members from 1 household on any leisure booking.

So for now, any bookings made for the coming weeks need to be from inside Derbyshire, from only a single household or support bubble, and will be for open-air activities only (no caving for now).

Private Bookings – We are taking private voucher bookings for 2021 for our full range of activities. Private bookings can be made for most activities with groups sizes up to 5 people from any number of households (group of 6 including our staff member). Larger bookings may be possible as the guidance changes, so do get in touch. Take a look at the private bookings section of the website for our activity range, but do get in touch for a chat about the options we have available at this time for your bespoke activity. If you live in an area subject to local lockdown restrictions (‘high’ tier or ‘very high’ tier), we may not be able to offer you activities if the guidance states you should not meet up with anyone outside your household or travel to other areas.

Public Activities – We will hopefully begin running public activities again in Spring 2021.

You can read the full Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations here.
The latest Government Guidance is here.


If we have to cancel. We will allow you to rebook for a new date anytime within 18 months of the original booking. No catches. We request that you move your booking date instead of cancelling, as that helps small businesses get through hard times. In the event we have to cancel you, we will refund you if you ask us to.

If you have to cancel. Public Activities – If you fall ill, are contacted by Track & Trace or suspect you have come into contact with someone with Covid-19, do not attend! We will give you a voucher for your public activity place that will be valid for 12 months, so long as you contact us in advance so that we can attempt to fill your place. ‘No shows’ are not refunded or rebooked. Private Bookings – Normally we do not offer refunds for private bookings cancelling or rescheduling within 28 days of the booking date. Private bookings may be rescheduled if within 28 days at our discretion, but might incur additional costs as we may still be obligated to pay the staff already booked to work on your activity. General cancellation terms are as set out in the terms and conditions linked to on the website footer.

Keeping you safe

You will be provided with the following information / questionnaire at the time of booking. You will be asked the questions prior to your activity starting and we ask that you contact us immediately if you feel you might not be able to take part in your activity or show any symptoms of Covid-19.

We will always have hand washing facilities or hand gel available at our meeting points. Either in the form of accessible public facilities, or mobile hand wash / gel stations at our vehicle.

We will not give you any of our safety equipment that has been worn by another person until it has being cleaned. We will achieve this by wherever possible not reusing any item that is worn by a person on a single day (i.e. fresh gloves for every participant), and where we cannot, the items will be cleaned between uses (i.e. zip wire attachments) or you will be given gloves to wear while you are undertaking that activity. At the end of use, we will disinfected and isolate all equipment in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

We ask that anyone showing any signs of illness does not attend our activities. If you fall ill, are contacted by Track & Trace or suspect you have come into contact with someone with Covid-19, do not attend! We will give you a voucher for your public activity place that will be valid for 12 months, so long as you contact us in advance so that we can attempt to fill your place.

We will keep group sizes to a maximum of 5 participants & 1 instructor. Current Government guidance allows for a maximum of 6 people from mixed households to meet in a group outside. Although outside gatherings of up to 30 are permitted for some groups, 5(3)c of the Regulation states they should be reasonably necessary gatherings, of which pure leisure is not. We are okay running larger groups for genuine educational activities or training outdoors. Without any guidance specifically relating to commercial outdoor activities, we are continuing to use the previously stated maximum group size of 6 (with instructor) for leisure bookings. Groups larger than 5 from one household can be accommodated if “planned by an organisation in compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidance”. Groups larger than 5 people (6 with the instructor) will need to have a conversation with us prior to booking so that we can ensure your gathering will be covered under the legislation. We reserve the right to adjust our group size limits at short notice if guidance supports us doing so.

We will actively avoid using honeypot sites. Wherever possible, we will avoid areas with other groups or where social distancing is not possible. This might mean we have to walk along the crag a bit further to find a quieter spot, or move around groups in the same area while we’re on the boulders. Our instructors will adapt to give our groups as much isolation as possible where we are able to.

We will provide gloves where the activity requires them. You may bring your own to use, but we will always supply clean gloves (gardening type) to help reduce the chance of skin contact with surfaces while we are undertaking our activities.

We ask that all clients bring their own face covering and hand gel. At certain points in certain activities you may need to be within 2m of each other, the instructor or members of the public. When social distancing in compromised we need to have ‘mitigations’ in place. By asking you to wear a suitable face covering at those times, we are protecting you, our staff and the public. If you do not wish to wear a face covering, you should discuss it with us before booking, as we may refuse to take you on an activity if it is a foreseeable requirement of that activity. You should carry your own hand gel and whenever you remove your gloves or touch a surface that has likely been touched by others, use it to disinfect your hands.