Activity Pricing 1st June 2020

At Peak Instruction we will always be open and honest about our pricing. We have fixed prices for some courses and have included our standard price structure for tailored private booking as a guide. Please contact us for a quote if you are looking to book a private event. All costs will be made clear up front, there are no hidden charges and we do not add VAT to any prices, the cost you are quoted is what you will pay. Food and transport are not included in our price. All activities are self drive.

Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Debit or Credit card transactions (through PayPal)
  • Direct bank account (BACS) transfer
  • Cheque (must clear 28 days or more prior to the booking)

Public Activity and Open Course Prices

Each public activity or course that we offer has an information page on this website. These courses are on set dates with a set content. For full details see the specific public activity page. We can arrange these activities as private events providing a minimum number of places are booked.

Private Activities & Bespoke Events Prices

Private bookings are our speciality and are an affordable option for individuals or groups of any size. We can cater for single sessions or large groups and multi-day events. Each booking is as individual as you are. Below is the standard tariff of prices that will cover a lot of private bookings. Behind the scenes work, higher level staffing or additional services will effect the costs so all larger events and bespoke training will be quoted for on a booking by booking basis.

Wherever possible, we will bring a waterproof camera out with our groups. We have 3 available so have yet to not be able to provide one. Media will be supplied digitally. We can arrange for helmet cameras for special events. We don’t charge for photos as we have occasionally not been able to provide pictures when our cameras have been damaged.
A full day is typically 6 or more hours with us and a part day 3 hours.

Private Standard Day

  • 1 Person = £178.00 pp
  • 2 People = £89.00 pp
  • 3 People = £69.00 pp
  • 4 People = £59.00 pp
  • 5 People = £49.00 pp
  • 6 People = £49.00 pp
  • 7 People = £49.00 pp
  • 8 to 12 People = £45.00 pp

Private Part Day

  • 1 Person = £128.00 pp
  • 2 People = £64.00 pp
  • 3 People = £54.00 pp
  • 4 People = £44.00 pp
  • 5 People = £39.00 pp
  • 6 People = £39.00 pp
  • 7 People = £39.00 pp
  • 8 to 12 People = £35.00 pp

Large Group Events

Group sizes beyond those shown above will be quoted for on a case by case basis.

Coaching & Technical Training

Some private activities, coaching, guiding or bespoke technical training may require a higher level of staff qualification, so these typically have higher day rates reflecting greater staffing costs or equipment requirements. Our coaching costs include ongoing support. High level personal coaching days typically cost £240.00.

Possible Additional Costs

  • GoPro wearable sports camera filming and basic editing. Media provided on DVD or as a digital download.
  • Hot drinks at £1pp.
  • Cave access fees payable to landowners and farmers at point of entry. If you ask us take you to a specific cave or mine with access fees we will ask you to pay them. This ranges from no charge to £3pp and can be thought of like a parking charge on private land. We include these fees on public courses.