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Tyrolean Traverses / Zip Wires

A Tyrolean is much the same as a Zip Wire, one typically involves sliding along and the other requires you to pull yourself along. Both are methods of crossing open spaces like rivers, gorges, valleys or other holes. It involves balancing, pulling or sliding oneself across on ropes or cables. We have a number of options on our private site and around the Peak District, ranging from physical challenge or teamwork orientated rope crossings, to our PeakZip zip wires.


Whether swinging over a river, deep gorge or steep wooded valley a tyrolean traverse or zip wire is a great activity for all. Sit back and psyche up as we set up a crossing for you over one of our exciting locations or if you are feeling brave and want more of a challenge then have a go at building your own crossing!



Left - Setting up the Tyrolean Challenge bridge in the snow. They were a hardy bunch!





Right - The Big Tyrolean catching the winter sun.






Left and Right - The BigZipper (50m).

Be some of the first to experience the airy crossings on these brand new activities for 2018. Get in touch about a private booking or check out our zip wires activity: PeakZip

Our zip lines used for the PeakZip activity can also be done for private bookings.

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We can combine a tyrolean crossing or some zip wiring with one or more of our other activities based at our site near Whaley Bridge to give you a full day of fun at the same location. We can run offsite tyrolean events too.

We have 3 cable zip wires in our wood. These can be done as part of 1 session or with another activity.
The Main Camp Zip - A 20m gap with a gentle incline. Often done as a challenge uphill first before zipping back to the start under gravity power.
The Flying Fox - A 50m steep descent into a quarry. So steep we will actually rope you so we can stop you at the bottom! Still quick though.
The BigZipper - Our 50m gravity zip from the highest point in the woods. The main event for most zip sessions.
The zip wires are part of our PeakZip public activity which you can read more about here.

We have 3 rope crossings currently on our site:
The Main Camp Tyrolean - A crossing of about 15m at a height of 4-5m. Good for younger families, those without a head for heights and as a warm up for the other ones on a longer session.
The Tyrolean Challenge - A crossing constructed entirely by participants across a 25m gap. You’ll be safeguarded by a high cable but need to put together your own bridge from the equipment provided. An excellent team building challenge with tangible goals.
The Big Tyrolean - A 50m stunner of a crossing. Extra exhilarating as you step off from the highest point on the site and land 15m lower. Quite often you’ll have enough momentum to carry you to the end but amusingly, you might need to pull yourself across the span, 10m above the floor.

All of these activities require prior booking as they are often only set up for bookings.