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Ropework Training Workshop

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What is a Peak Instruction Workshop?
These workshops will focus on one or more topics and are open to cavers of any background. The costs will always be kept as low as possible to make the courses more accessible and they will be staffed by one or more BCA qualified CIC holders. The workshops are not a qualification or certificate but are training and advice from an expert. Some workshops are aimed at the cave leader and others at cavers in general. For more information please read the workshop specifics.

Workshop Overview:
The Ropework training workshop aims to cover methods of safely and efficiently lifelining a fellow caver up and down ladders and climbs. We’ll start by looking at scrambles, short free climbs and fixed ladder methods (Level 1 BCA definition) and then expand to cover electron ladder pitches (Level 2 BCA definition).
We’ll take whatever skills or knowledge you already have and refine and expand it, adding new techniques where appropriate, until you feel you have a more confident grasp of your ropework.
Don’t always rely on others for your safe passage, get trained and skilled.
Prior Experience:
Attendees should be cavers from any background with a genuine desire to up-skill. No knowledge of knots, ropes or belaying is required but a basic understanding will help with the flow of the day.
This is particularly suitable for those who have been taken on trips by clubs but do not have the skills or confidence to lead or assist trips. The workshop would also be a perfect skills refresher for LCMLA Level 1 candidates.

Dates to be confirmed
Contact us for bookings and enquiries here

Caving kit can be hired for minimal cost.

Meet at 9:30am
After a short introduction and weather check, we'll head to the 1st venue to look at life lining scrambles. An underground or surface venue may be used and is dependant on the number of people on the course.
Lunch - Please bring a packed lunch and drinks for the day. A cafe stop can be arranged for a small group.
Move to a vertical venue (surface based) for ladder session.
4:00 pm - Finish course. Time for questions and feedback.
Please bring:
Personal kit for caving and surface based activities. Please ensure you have a belt, harness with cowstails and gloves. We can hire out any caving kit you require, please let us know asap.
You are welcome to bring your own vertical kit but we’ll provide everything that’s needed for the workshop.
Don’t forget food and drink!