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No comments are edited, we do address some points in red.
Stag Event for 28 in the Burbage Valley 2017 - Gregg
“Pete and the team managed to look after 28 of us for the day – no mean feat given that we were on a stag do! The climbing had a good mix of routes for abilities and the Weaseling was surprisingly good fun but did ruin a perfectly good giant rabbit costume…”
Private Vertical Caving Adventure - Becca
Hi Pete. The caving day was absolutely incredible, and it was one of the best things we have ever done. We are totally hooked and want to learn how to do it independently. The communication with you from the very start of the booking process was flawless, informative, helpful and friendly.
Please send our big thanks on to Beth (she had to cope with a lot of my incompetences). Beth was by far the loveliest instructors we have ever had. Her interest in caving and her enthusiasm shines through and ultimately was passed on to us. So good! Beth was the best part of the course. The experience was one of pure joy but Beth facilitated this and made it possible to get the most out of our environment.
Tailored Alpine rope skills training - Mike
Hi Pete
Really enjoyed the day. Mike's a really good instructor, who fills you with confidence. He seemed to be the right person for the job. But you knew that already. I always felt safe in his hands.
I'm hoping that I have been taught all the skills that I need. When I get back from Nepal I'll let you know how I got on.
Meanwhile I'm going to practice tying my loops.

Bushcraft Themed Stag Do  - Coby
-Pre course communication & information?
Perfect, you were always quick to get back to me, which made correspondence by email very easy.
When I was looking for a suitable provider I contacted quite a few companies that I found on Google. You were one of just a few that got back to me, however what set you apart was the time you put into replying and your ability to be so flexible in order to deliver what we wanted.
The content was tailor made and exactly what we wanted, so thank you for this.
-Would you use us again?
Private Caving Day 8/13 - Linda
-Pre course communication & information?
Fantastic. All of my questions were answered and based on our trip requirements different options were discussed thoroughly over the phone with everything confirmed straight after the call on email. Payment was quick and easy online and Pete was hugely flexible to meet our timing needs as well as supplying all the kit we needed!
Excellent. Interesting and engaging throughout. Pete's passion and knowledge shone through clearly and made it such and enjoyable trip.
Again fantastic - hugely informative and interesting, delivered with genuine enthusiasm and warmth.
-Are there any particular things that stood out as needing improvement?
None. The trip was pitched perfectly for our needs.
-What was the most successful part of the activity or course?
The personalisation - completely bespoke and tailored to our needs.
-Would you use us again?
Absolutely. Will come back.
-Any other comments or a testimonial for our website:
Pete, thank you for an absolutely fantastic trip. From start to finish the quality of your service is excellent. You delivered a completely personalised and tailored trip that perfectly matched our requirements. We were so very impressed with your flexibility in helping us arrange a suitable time, your enthusiasm and your technical knowledge throughout the trip - we had so much fun and are already talking about coming again! It was also my first time caving so I had no idea what to expect but I felt completely at ease under your instruction and now eager to do more caving! Can't recommend you highly enough. A massive thanks to you Pete for such a memorable trip.
Peak Climbing Day 8/13 - Paula
-Would you use us again?
MOST CERTAINLY. In fact purchased a voucher for friends for there wedding gift.
Peak Climbing Day 8/13 - Katy
-Would you use us again?
Yup, already booked a group activity and am looking at doing more climbing
-Any other comments or a testimonial for our website:
A great day out! Met some lovely people and learnt a lot. The friendly instructors helped create a group atmosphere where we all helped and encouraged each other. Not sure I will be climbing Everest any time soon, but I certainly enjoyed myself!
Peak Cave Day Open Course 6/13 - Liz
-Pre course communication & information?
Excellent knew what to bring, wear
excellent, told us what to do all way along cave
brill, really enjoyed myself
-Would you use us again?
Private Caving Stag Day - Ian & co 2013
Peak Instruction organised an introductory caving trip for our stag party. It was a great success with everyone buzzing from the experience all weekend. The group ranged in outdoor experience from competent climber to competent TV watcher. Everyone was catered for and enjoyed the trip completely. All kit was provided for and was of a high standard. Nobody had to do anything they weren't comfortable with but at the same time everyone came away feeling they had experienced the real thing. Peak Instruction offer high quality and safe instruction from passionate cavers. I highly recommend using them.
Peak Climbing Day Open Course - Will & Liz 2013
-Pre course communication & information?
Excellent, especially important due to the weather conditions and the necessary rescheduling (March snow storms - Pete). First rate.
Excellent. Ben was friendly, informative, helpful and professional. He took account of what we wanted, gave us confidence and was positive and constructive.
-What was the most successful part of the activity or course?
That it was personalised, a fantastic instructor:learner ratio. We enjoyed both the rock climbing and the abseiling immensely.
-Would you use us again?
-Any other comments or a testimonial for our website:
We had a fantastic day rock climbing and abseiling. The instruction was professional, friendly and pushed our boundaries. The personalised nature of the course stood out and we would highly recommend Peak Instruction to anyone.
Millersdale Abseiling Session - Don & Bev 2013
The abseil course with yourselves - and specifically with Beth as our instructor was excellent. Beth really was incredibly clear, helpful and friendly, really putting both myself and more specifically Bev, at ease.
She was incredibly capable and made us feel extremely confident in her ability, in the equipment, and in our own ability to acheive something we had never experienced before.
I can't recommend Beth or your company highly enough - everyone who fancies trying this should certainly use your services.
Many thanks again for everything - who knows, we may well be back to try this or something else in the future. Please see additional answers to your queries below.
Pre course communication & information?
Perfectly clear and simple to understand / follow
Beth was absolutely excellent - very confident, capable and able to put everyone at ease with her friendly manner. Can't speak highly enough of her
-Are there any particular things that stood out as needing improvement?
No - only possible thing is more specifics in the route to the viaduct parking area, but we found it with a little map-reading no problem. (Pete - Okay, as of this spring a Google Maps link is now sent as part of your booking email.)
-Would you use us again?
Definitely !!!!!
13th May 2012, Cave/Climb day for 2. Will & Jessica
Feedback. How did you find the.......
-Pre course communication & information? Very clear and straightforward. We found Andy immediately likeable and relaxed.
-Delivery/coaching? Andy taught us lots of interesting facts in the cave regarding the geology etc. We also both felt very safe with all of the activities and feel confident about being able to handle rock climbing in the future.
-Value for money? We felt it was fantastic value for money, especially with Andy being such a capable instructor. The kit provided was perfect and we loved the stylish fleeces!
-Are there any particular things that stood out as needing improvement? We racked our brains, but really couldn’t think of anything that we would have asked to have been improved.
-What was the most successful part of the course? We particularly enjoyed the rock climbing, especially where Andy led us up a crag. We gained a great understanding of how the process works and a much better appreciation of quite how hard it is!
-Would you use us again? Absolutely, and would recommend to friends and family. (Pete - Nice Job Andy!)
3rd May 2012, Private NNAS Silver Course. Mike & Andy
-Pre course communication & information? Helpful - questionnaire inspired confidence. Maybe a bit more on compass theory or a pointer to it would have helped me personally. (Pete- We will start directing people to learning resources before our courses in future) However, it is in the BMC stuff you suggested we looked at.
-Delivery/coaching? Excellent - you were easy to get along with and calm and knew your stuff.
-Are there any particular things that stood out as needing improvement? Not really apart from maybe explaining when/how we would be assessed. Though this might put on unnecessary pressure. (Pete- fair point taken on board)
-Would you use us again? Definitely and will recommend.
4th March 2012 - Caving day in Carlswark Cavern
Oliver - via Twitter:
Relaxing in the pub with a few well earned old man beers after an excellent day with @CaverPete.
24th August 2010 - Intro to Caving day in Peak Cavern. Emma & Ruth
Dear Pete,
Thank you so much for my caving day.  It was an excellent first experience incorporating lots of variety and has definitely given me a taste for more.
I haven’t stopped telling my friends about it and they are all amazed at what I achieved.  Thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement.  I felt very safe and at ease the entire day.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and the route you choose as an ideal first experience of caving.
Best wishes, Ruth Novak
Hi Pete,
Thank-you so much for an awesome days caving! The caves were stunning and I’m amazed at how much we got to see and do!
The chosen route was great both for my, slightly more nervous, mum and for myself. We felt expertly guided all the way round but it was great to be able to adapt the route to our wants and try different things as we built up the confidence to do them. I’m amazed at how comfortable you made mum feel and how many things she happily challenged herself with.
 For myself, I had a great time and will definitely be back. I’m currently thinking October half term if you’re free? There is so much more I want to see and do and have even started looking into cave diving...
Thanks again, Emma Novak

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