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We will quote for all bespoke caving activities on an individual basis but standard pricing details can be found here.

Visit the Downloads Page for a caving activity kit list.
Vertical caver (SRT) training in Derbyshire.
We can cater for private events and large group sizes.
Single Rope Technique, SRT
The caving skill to unlock all doors. SRT gives us the ability to fully explore vertical caves. A complex but very satisfying set of skills allowing a caver to descend and ascend single fixed ropes without need for ladders.
SRT courses are arranged as needed and will be a minimum of 2 days for the initial skills training.
Day 1: Looking at the equipment set up and basic manoeuvres in a suitable surface venue. We’ll cover safeguarding ourselves on traverses and pitch heads as well as the skills to safely go up and down fixed ropes.
Day 2: A recap of the previous day and where suitable a trip into a simple vertical venue to put the skills into practical use. New skills may be introduced, like changing direction, passing knots or assisting tired cavers.

Those cavers with more experience or looking to further their skills in SRT can come on an advanced SRT course and receive some coaching and fine tuning on there practiced technique and learn some of the more complex manoeuvres.

SRT rigging courses can also be arranged for those who are SRT proficient and want to progress their own skills further.

Guiding (U.K. Wide)
We can act as guides to the underground world. Some individuals or teams already have specific goals in mind but lack the infrastructure or support to reach these places without help. If you have need for equipment, safeguarding, training or specialist rigging services please get in touch.

Caving & Mining Skills
Any skill or technique, covered in a single or multi-day course, including;
Survey Interpretation & Guide Books,
Weather and Flooding,
Single Rope Technique
Self rescue skills
Rigging for Ladder or SRT,
Basic Ropework Skills,
Skills for instructors,
or just a general Coaching Day

No course is exclusive of any topic and it is our aim to teach as much as we can because we feel that makes you a better and above all safer caver and we feel that you should not be dependent on an instructor for your own well being.

LCMLA Cave & Mine Leader Awards
If you’d like to embark on training to become a leader in the underground environment or are already on your award pathway then have a look at Pete’s personal site and blog: Underground Specialist

Cavers, Paddlers and most people operating in the outdoors can expose themselves to an increased risk of contracting Weil’s Disease. The chances are extremely small and annual numbers of cases across the UK are approx 50. An information leaflet has been produced by the British Caving Association and can be downloaded here. Peak Instruction has never had a case of Weil’s Disease. If you would like more information about the real world risk to you then please email Pete for a chat.

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Caving, Potholing & Mine Exploration
The clean washed caves of the Yorkshire Dales are a regular haunt or visit the breathtaking mines of Snowdonia for a totally different day out.
We can offer anything from a fully tailored courses to a half day taster activity to suit anyone. From beginner trips in simple systems to guiding in classic vertical caves and skills training, we can do it all. If you want to join an open course please look at our Public Activities page, we have regular Caving Days in the Peak District and Derbyshire as well as specialist training days for more experienced cavers or club members.
All equipment and clothing can be supplied for activities or we can arrange discount prices for you via friendly retailers.
Standard Caving Trips (Peak & Dales)
Aimed at introducing you or your group to the cave or mine environment. Suitable for those with little or no underground experience or with some caving background. These days usually involve a trip into a predominantly horizontal cave system not requiring any great technical skill or rope work. Ideal for novice groups, individuals or the curious! All ages and abilities catered for and as ever, fully tailored to your needs. Book your own day or join one of our open courses in the Peak District to experience this amazing activity. Don’t be put off by the scary stereotype that caves and mines are subjected to at the hands of the uninformed. Come and enjoy the huge variety of strange and beautiful environments the caves and mines present us with and experience a day you’ll not forget.

Advanced Caving or Potholing (Peak & Dales)
The next step up from standard caving trips and a great progression for those who’ve caved before and want to try something different but also suitable for some groups or individuals who’ve not caved before. We can run extended day’s out underground in deep systems. The underground world gets even more amazing once we get vertical and can access areas out of the reach of most. Guided vertical trips can involve the use of wire ladders, lower-offs and abseils taking you to some of the country’s least visited places and most remote locations. Trips can be in and out the same way or as through trips from one entrance to another in certain caves or mines. Some physical fitness is required but no experience is necessary.

Welsh Mining Trips (Snowdonia)
The mines of Snowdonia are industrial icons and are a fascinating place to visit. There is scope for a variety of experiences in the region, ranging from simple guided explorations to advanced vertical trips. Generally the mines are more spacious than caves, the metal and slate mines can swallow up a team for an entire day. Most trips require a pleasant walk up into the mountains before entering the mine. There are a number of great trips in the area and we often take lunch and candles underground with us. Normally all that is required by you are warm clothing and waterproofs.