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Archery has been a mainstream activity for schools and outdoor pursuits centres for years. Most people have had the opportunity to try it at some point, even if just for a few shots. The team here have had years of experience delivering these ‘intro’ sessions for other providers and this has allowed us to develop an activity here that is something different from the norm.

Archery is a continually growing sport that is both inclusive and challenging. All ages and abilities can take part in archery and it is a sport that can be continued at home via clubs or private ranges. Archery sessions can make good family outings or can be built into a larger bushcraft and wilderness skills package.

We have an archery range set up in our woodland site at Whaley Bridge keeping you really connected to the environment and also giving you options to combine archery with other local activities. Our range equipment can be packed up and transported to other sites too. If you’d like us to see if your workplace or school field is appropriate to set a range on, please get in touch.

So why do archery instead of something high-adrenalin?
No, we’re not going to let you swing about on ropes while shooting the apple from your little brother’s head. I don’t have the time to write the risk assessment or accident forms for that! Archery is a primitive skill that is at the very heart of our species’ ability to survive. Archers have played a part in history and folklore as well as being some of today’s most well known TV and film characters. Learning to shoot a bow will connect you to the past.
Beyond the historical side of the activity, archery will help develop mental and physical discipline, patience and complex coordination skills. Don’t forget the friendly (or not) competitiveness of the sport too.

Above all, archery is a fun way to enjoy the countryside and a healthy sport that anyone can try. Who knows, it might be the first step to an Olympic gold.

Although the content of each activity may vary with the group, we have a range of specialist equipment to make our archery sessions stand out from the rest. Our primary consideration was the appropriateness of the equipment for coaching and introductory sessions. We have bows to suit all ages and can make specialist adaptations for individuals with physical disabilities.
Secondly, we have a strong connection to the woods we use and a desire to deliver as real an experience as possible in all our activity sessions. We’ve invested in some equipment more commonly seen on pro archers and hunters. Come and play with our camouflage compound bows, draw your arrow from a hip quiver & look the part with a leather bracer on your arm.

Please ensure that you can tie back any long hair for archery activities, we can’t allow lose hair blowing about near the pulleys on compound bows. A kit list for archery sessions can be seen on our Downloads Page.

Contacts us now to arrange a private activity or see the Open Course Page for details of any public archery events.